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Chapter 8: Programmatic Security

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  • employee-pay.jsp. A JSP page that augments the internal Web site for The page shows plans for employee pay. Because of entries in web.xml, the page can be accessed only by users in the employee or executive roles. Although both groups can access the page, they see substantially different results. In particular, the planned pay scales for executives is hidden from the normal employees.
  • web.xml. Deployment descriptor for the hotdotcom-internal application.
  • tomcat-users.xml. Tomcat-specific password file.
  • company-styles.css. Style sheet used by almost all JSP pages in the hotdotcom-internal application.
  • hotdotcom-internal.war. The entire hotdotcom-internal application bundled in a WAR (Web ARchive) file.
  • Servlet that gives very hot stock tips. So hot that only authorized users (presumably ones who have paid the steepreasonable financial advisory fee) can access the servlet.
  • stocks.war. The entire stocks application bundled in a WAR (Web ARchive) file.
  • A servlet that redirects non-SSL requests to a URL that is identical to the URL of the original request except that http is changed to https. When an SSL request is received, the servlet presents a page that displays information on the URL, query data, key size, encryption algorithm, and client certificate.
  • securityInfo.war. The entire securityInfo application bundled in a WAR (Web ARchive) file.

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